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Aham Rochas Foundation Female Empowerment Initiative

Aham Rochas Foundation Female Empowerment Initiative


In line with the vision of the ARO Female Entrepreneur Program – to provide a platform for those commonly over looked in most parts of the world- the female populace, and the aim to provide disenfranchised women with the means to acquire financial sustainability and the capacity to contribute to the development of their immediate society, the ARO Foundation established the ARO Female Empowerment initiative. An initiative that is aimed at reinforcing the reason behind the International Women’s Day and clamouring for the need to effect changes in the world by focusing on the most vulnerable women in the society. Beyond the skills acquisition, it is necessary for women to have the emotional and environmental propellant to achieve the greatness welled inside of them.


For this, the initiative launched at the IDP Camp in Kuchingoro, Abuja, with over 300 women and girls in attendance, and have subsequently been integrated in places that are homes to many neglected women living in the country. This project employs speakers, women who have surpassed uncommon obstacles, otherwise common to relegated women, and have made their mark in the world as notable entrepreneurs in their respective fields to serve as coaches and motivators to these women looking to find their places in the world.

It is common knowledge that women make up 60% of refugees and displaced people all over the globe. This statistic proves the vulnerability of a large percentage of women, having been exposed to fending for themselves despite limited resources made available and living off good grace from the public and the government. Being women puts them further on the defensive as they are in more ways than one subject to human trafficking, gender-based violence, barbaric female traditions, and a host of other associated challenges.


The ARO Female Empowerment initiative enjoins women to see their roles as the first stone towards nation building and not as a factor that undermines their relevance in society. Women need to focus on building their self-esteem which will in turn boost their outward confidence. Thus the main aim of the initiative remains to inspire women to take action and effect changes in their lives, families and ultimately the world.


The initiative also allows women a chance to showcase their artistic culinary skills in a competition tagged “The Fruit Master Challenge” where different fruits are displayed for participants to expertly cut up and present masterpieces.


Women with dreams and business plans are provided with business equipment to actualise their plans and turn them to realities. These gifts are specifically designed to be relevant to skill acquisition and occupational empowerment. To ensure that these gifts are put into profitable use, mentors are provided for the women to serve as business guides.



This initiative has recorded extreme success and will continue to serve as reminders of what active participants women can be in the society. Women deserve more than a day.