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what we do

Brekete Family Student Scholarship

OUR GOAL: To reach out to the less privileged in the most remote areas

Expanding Our Reach

Our usual channels of scholarship applications: online forms and social media, have proven inefficient in getting through certain social systems. These social systems are beyond the reach of social media advertisement as well as local television. Seeing as these represent the very people we are dedicated to helping, something had to be done to ensure equal access to information.

Our vision to give every child a chance at life through education led the foundation to setting up several channels through which our scholarships can be accessed by those who need it most. One of these channels is the Human Rights Radio; Brekete Family. 

We have extended our umbrella this year for the primary, secondary, and tertiary level and visit more rural families through our partnership with the Human Rights Radio and through this platform we are getting across to numerous children and families.  

Mode of Selection



The application for the Aham Rochas Foundation Brekete Family Scholarship can be done in two ways depending on the level of education sought.

Primary and Secondary Level: All intending primary and secondary applicants are to get the application form for free at the Aham Rochas Foundation Office N0 24 Nkwere Street Area11 Garki, Abuja.

Tertiary Level: All intending university applicants are to fill in the application form for free online through the Aham Rochas Foundation Website 


All applications are screened and verified by the Aham Rochas Foundation Board.


After proper scrutiny and verification, the selected applicants are each visited at home to confirm their locations, before listed as winners for the week in our system officially.


On the day of announcement (Friday), we split our staff in two major teams, one to announce the names at the radio station, and the other to capture the reaction of each winner right at their houses (unknown to them). It’s the most exciting part of the scholarship journey for us.

Scholarship Announcements

We announced the winners of the amazing opportunity every Friday on the Brekete Family Program and it was a huge success. 

See some of the announcement videos below:

For more of the announcement videos click here

Beneficiary Reactions

Yes, we had to get it all on tape. Our beneficiaries were so happy to hear their names on radio and to receive the scholarships. It’s moments like this that motivate us to put smiles on more faces.

Surprise videos from the Scholarship announcements:

Wisdom Surprise

Johnson Philips

For more of the reactions click here

February Scholarship beneficiaries meet with the President

University Scholarship Beneficiaries for 2019

Some of the Secondary and primary beneficiaries with school materials and ready to resume School.

The President with the tertiary Scholarship beneficiaries.

Scholarship Visit for School materials

Tertiary Meeting with the President

Tertiary appreciation video