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what we do


OHOW is a part of the Aham Rochas Foundation, We believe that love the most vital ingredient in world peace and progress. It is a word that is used most times without a thought as to what it truly means and why it is said. Love is gradually fading and failing in the world and even in our families and this is because;  It is not just a word, but requires actions that remain ever fresh in the hearts of those around you, acts of kindness and generosity. 

 Loving your neighbor takes dedication, passion and consistent thought. Love sees value in people, society and a nation at large and the Aham Rochas Foundation is committed to showing this love and adding value to our society the best way we can. We also aspire to have other people share in this act of love with us as we build a better Nigeria and a better World.

Valentine’s Day Love Visit

Children are the future and whatever they learn while growing up stays with them and eventually becomes a way of life. So we visited Olumawu Primary School where the children were encouraged to bring a gift that would be given to the less privileged children and those in the hospital on Valentine’s Day, just to let them know that someone loves them and is also praying for them. 

The Children did this with so much joy as we visited the orphanages and hospitals.

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Mabushi Outreach

We paid a visit with our volunteers to Mabushi; a community in the outskirts of Abuja where we engaged the residents in a lot of fun games and competitions. Some children won scholarships while others won cash prizes.

There was counselling for those that needed it and a little career talk with the women who were later empowered by the Foundation. 

It was a tremendous success and created a connection with the people and the Foundation which has been profitable on both sides till date.

1K Challenge

The 1K challenge was a short programme where we encourage People to go out and help a beggar on the street with as low as N1,000. It could be a meal for that day, it could be books for a child who can’t afford one, or just some kind of support to someone in need. We believe that the amount, quantity or size of your gift does not matter but the fact that you thought of someone asides yourself. 

There is a lot of fulfillment that comes with giving and making someone happy, it has a ripple effect that spreads out to places and to extents you may never realize.