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Aham Rochas Foundation Scholarship fund

What you need to know

Aham Rochas Foundation Scholarship fund

The Aham Rochas Foundation Scholarship fund is a privately funded tuition assistance program, initiated to remove barriers inherent in poverty and to provide hope and opportunities for a better quality of life through education to promising underprivileged children with an express interest in education.

This project expands educational opportunities by proving scholarships to families in need so their children can attend the schools that best meet their needs, regardless of their financial inability or geographical location. We also support scholarship programs and reform efforts that help all children get the education they deserve.

The Aham Rochas Foundation scholarship fund works to ensure that all students, notwithstanding their socioeconomic background, are accorded the chance to realise their full potential. This project leads service schemes to ensure that bright children in poverty-stricken areas have the opportunity to receive proper education. Just one scholarship can mean generations of financial stability and success for a child and his family. Children, when given the opportunity, can effect dramatic positive changes to the society, molding the future from mediocrity to excellence.

The Issue

Statistics show that Nearly 30 million children living in sub-Saharan Africa are out of school as a result of numerous adverse circumstances, where 22% have never attended primary school or have left school without completing primary education; this is more than one child over five.


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