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The Aham Rochas Foundation Scholarship

The Aham Rochas Foundation Scholarship Fund supports the education of the underprivileged in the society.

The Scholar Journey
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Application Process

Applications for the Scholarship consist of multiple stages. Below are the steps to guide you through the process.



The applicant must:

  • Be within the age group of the class required.
  • Prove to be incapable of funding academic desires.
  • Fill the form online, or according to the right Channels
  • Be able to communicate satisfactorily in English
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The Scholarship comes from different channels but all serve the same purpose of providing equal access to education.

These are our partners for the awarding of Primary and Secondary School Scholarship, and also serve as the location for the collection of application forms for Primary School Scholarship applicants.

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This is the office of the Aham Rochas Group of  Companies and serves as the collection point for all Secondary School Scholarship applicants. This is where the forms will be collected by the applicant, filled and submitted.

his method, for good reason, is reserved for University Scholarship applicants alone. The form can be filled virtually from anywhere in the world and submitted online. 

See the Online Form 



The applicants as part of the application   will be required to write an essay about their present condition and why they deserve the scholarship. This is both to test communication competence and to have a preview into the life of our prospective scholar.

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Gathering Documents

After the forms have been filled and the essay written, the applicant would have to provide the following:

  • Details of previous schooling (if any)
  • Results from previous academic pursuits
  • Tuition fees for proposed institution
  • Any other documents requested by the processing officer


Final Interview

  1. The applicants will have an opportunity to meet with the President/Founder of the foundation and/or the Board of Trustees of the Scholarship Fund for a final interaction before the release of funds.
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