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The Aham Rochas Foundation Scholarship

The Aham Rochas Foundation Scholarship through the combined Scholarship Fund, is changing the lives of children and young adults all over Nigeria. It is not a scholarship for the privileged, but in fact, a source of hope to the poor and underprivileged. It aims to significantly decrease the number of out of school children in Sub-saharan Africa.

First Tertiary Scholars 2019

First announcement on Human rights Station.

There are a lot of scholarship programs all over the world. We find that most of these scholarships are largely merit based, and focused on the abilities of the individual.

The Aham Rochas Foundation Scholarship is focused first on:

  • Those living on and below the poverty line with a burning desire for education.
  • Those who lack access to education due to environmental hazards e.g. Violence
  • Those who are oppressed into seclusion e.g. the girl child.

The strong interest and inaccessibility to education ranks first, on our list of considerations, as it is considered important that our beneficiaries keep up a certain standard of performance while under our patronage.

The Aham Rochas Foundation Scholarship is mainly a tuition scholarship, except for Primary and Secondary level students for whom the foundation would usually provide stationeries for study (Books, Bags, writing materials).

The scholarship is for a One (1) Year tenure. We use the tenure system to check the performance of all our scholars. In as much as academic ability is not a major criterion for becoming an Aham Rochas Foundation Scholar, it is however a major one for retaining the scholarship.

The detailed Tenure Conditions document outline the conditions for which the Scholarship Fund will continue to support the scholar.

The Aham Rochas Foundation Scholarship is looking for young people, who will grow to be excellent leaders and respectful members of any society they find themselves. This is the foundation of our PYRAMID STRATEGY. 

To qualify for the scholarship, applicants have to possess the following attributes:

  • 5 distinctions, Mathematics and English inclusive for first time admission.
  •  3.5 CGPA (tertiary students only)
  • Strong interest in EDUCATION.
  • Truth, Kindness, Selflessness and devotion to duty.
  • Instincts to lead and sympathy for the plight of others.
  • Impeccable track record of good character.