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Tenure Agreement

The following agreement outlines the criteria for which an Aham Rochas Foundation beneficiary may be withdrawn from scholarship benefits.

Note: This agreement can be changed only once in each scholarship year prior to the signing of a new contract by a new beneficiary.

The AhamRochas Foundation Scholarship awards tuition scholarships to students. This means that such a student will be sponsored (tuition paid) for the period of one academic year. This scholarship is subject to renewal after appraisal.

Conditions for renewal

Academic Excellence

After the academic year, the student’s performance will be analysed to determine the student’s qualification for a second round of funding. This is because the AhamRochas Foundation Scholarship, though a charity, seeks to give people a chance at excellence they ordinarily may not be able to afford. Therefore, the scholarship beneficiary would have to maintain excellence throughout their scholarship.

Failure to maintain an excellent result, the Aham Rochas Foundation reserves the right to withdraw such a recipient from its list of beneficiaries. This appraisal occurs at the end of each academic year.


Beyond academic prowess, the Aham Rochas Foundation also seeks to foster good character and build people of substance and integrity. Therefore, if a beneficiary were to be involved in malpractice, or any kind of crime or unruly behaviour, in school or at home, the Aham Rochas Foundation reserves the right to withdraw its scholarship and take such a recipient off the list of beneficiaries.

Note: This is not subject to yearly appraisal, and so, can occur at any time, as at when the information is received by the foundation.