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Scholarships Terms and Conditions

You may submit only one scholarship application per application round. Any candidate submitting more than one application per year will be disqualified from all submitted applications.

Selection of scholarship beneficiaries is at the discretion of the Aham Rochas Foundation; therefore, an applicant can meet all the eligibility criteria, but fail to meet personal standards of the foundation. The Aham Rochas Foundation is not obligated to, in such a case, explain its reasons for selection.

The Aham Rochas Foundation conducts background checks on prospective beneficiaries both before and during the period of scholarship holding. Therefore, the Aham Rochas Foundation also reserves the right to withdraw its scholarship from a beneficiary if there is perceived foul-play, especially regarding the application process.

A scholarship beneficiary reserves the right to apply for, compete in, and hold other scholarships by other bodies and organizations while being Aham Rochas Foundation scholars.

The application is mostly via online application via but scholars may be nominated by other foundations or other notable individuals affiliated with the Aham Rochas Foundation.

Unless otherwise stated, the Aham Rochas Foundation Scholarship is for Nigerians, and covers Nigerian schools only.

The beneficiaries are obligated to keep in touch with the foundation all through the period of their scholarship, or risk withdrawal of scholarship benefits.