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what we do

Secondary Level Scholarships

A successful scholarship program with our EEP children as pioneers led to the expansion of our scholarship fund to include the secondary level students. We aim to support our beneficiaries all through their schooling and hope to follow them through the different levels of education.

We have beneficiaries who have progressed from our Emergency Education Program, through Primary school, and are in secondary school at the moment. Some of these EEP groomed beneficiaries have gone ahead, in spite of several limitations, to excel above their peers from more stable backgrounds, and more peaceful localities.

A good example of this is The Story of Mariam. Mariam Abdullahi was taken into our Emergency Education Program in 2017 and after six (6) months of continuous training, she transited to one of our affiliate secondary schools; Aleita Secondary School, where she excelled above 120 students to take the first position in a school attended by more privileged children.

Secondary schools affiliated with the foundation:

  • Aleita Secondary School

Falmata’s Story

Another exceptional student we discovered during our 6 months Emergency Education Program is Falmata Mohammed Umate. She started with us with very little knowledge of the alphabet and little mathematics like addition and subtraction, still struggling with spelling, reading, and a-lot more.

Falmata was committed to her classwork during the 6 months program and at the end of the program she was outstanding. She read the vote of thanks without help and today she is in Jss 2 in Alieta Junior Secondary School still excelling.

Our Secondary School Beneficiaries

Mariam Abudullahi
A J.S.S 3 student with Junior Secondary School Alieta
Fatima Mohammed
A J.S.S 2 studentwith Junior Secondary School Alieta
The President with Beneficiaries in J.S.S Aleita
The President with sharing a high five with Miriam

Our Strategy



At our foundation, we believe no child’s schooling should be paused or stopped at any level or time. Our students are prepared for common entrance exams to schools affiliated with the foundation right after the transition program. Level A and Level B students from our Emergency Education Program and other external applicants are put into schools within or close to their living areas. This is to aid swift movement to and from school.


 The process of reintegration by our teachers and volunteers offers close contact supervision of our students throughout the first year of their reintegration. This supervision is to keep an eye on not just their academic development, but also on their mental state and emotional development.

Due to the fact that some of these students are coming from tragedy rocked backgrounds, it is our duty to ensure that they get the most care and begin to feel like part of a family ; The ARF Family.

Moheebe Abubakar and Zakiya Aliyu Valedictorians in their classes (J.SS 2 Federal Girls College Abaji)


At the end of every school year, our team evaluates each child based on their performance in exams, and their behaviour in school. Within the family we host an end of the year get together where the highest performers are given cash prizes and applauded by their fellows.

Except for students transitioning from the Emergency Education Program, the result of this evaluation decides the fate of the scholarship beneficiary, as regards moving to the next class/level on our patronage.

See our Tenure Conditions for more details.