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what we do

Tertiary Level Scholarships

Our goal is to invest in our youth’s unlimited potential to positively impact socio-economic development by providing access to tuition free education at the tertiary level

After the successful implementation of our primary and secondary school level scholarships, we came to the conclusion that if we are to make the desired positive change we wish for in the society, we could not neglect the tertiary level of education as it is equally as important due to the fact that the majority of students in tertiary institutions are youths. 

As we know, youths are the major drivers of positive change in the society. If the youthful population is given access to proper education, it would go a long way in ensuring socio-economic development, reducing vices and improving the overall standard of living.  We strongly believe that education is one major tool that has the power to change the current economic condition of Africa.

In our findings, we discovered that there are many students in tertiary institutions that are unable to afford their tuition. And as a result, either dropped out from school or put their education on hold. To remedy this, the Aham Rochas foundation then decided to include students of tertiary institutions in its scholarship fund. 

Some of our Beneficiaries