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The Aham Rochas Foundation believes in volunteering because partnership in community building is the core of our being. Our volunteers are priceless. We believe that together we can make the world a better place and with so many people we can do less and achieve more, so we require a lot of hands to reach areas in dire need of help.

Educators, mentors and individuals passionate about children’s rights are advantageous to our project especially the Emergency Education Program. Your experience can change or give hope to a child out there who feels like he/she has gotten to the end of the road.

We believe that the greatest transformation happens when we work together to meet the needs of the less privileged, look after, watch out for, and carter to each other like a family and create a homelike aura across the world.

We need people with open hearts, willing to give their spare time, their skills, and any other thing they have to offer to the common goal of looking after the common man.