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President’s Letter

Aham Rochas

There is so much pain and many adverse circumstances in the lives of millions in the world today. The Aham Rochas Foundation is most assuredly not a dramatization of corporate social responsibility or a lavish expression of affluence but a persistent conscious and deliberate effort to demand and effect positive changes in the lives of those destitute. I am from a family that immeasurably believes in the importance of charity in the sense of caring and providing for the less privileged amongst us. From an early age, I vividly remember the confrontational feelings that I experienced when I embarked on occasional masalachi trips to areas inhabited by some of the poorest and less fortunate members of society, in my first home;  Jos — I was subdued by a rush of great excitement emanating from the happiness on the friendly faces as they received the clothes, support, etc.; however, the feeling of great sadness that lurked in the awareness  that they were inequitably and unfairly in those melancholy and adverse conditions was overwhelming. It was at moments such as these that my resolution to contribute to society and alleviate poverty at every chance was reinforced. In time, the Rochas Foundation, which was started by my father, providing free primary, secondary and tertiary education to thousands of less privileged and orphaned African children through her colleges and in the university, established a fact for myself —when those less fortunate or impoverished are allowed and granted skills and opportunities, the skies become the starting mark, allowing them to soar above and in spite of their social impediments. It is through this notion that the Aham Rochas Foundation demands its existence in the world.

The Aham Rochas Foundation currently focuses on two programs, with peculiar goals: The Aham Rochas Foundation Scholarship Fund, which was borne out of the then Emergency Education Program (EEP) which was focused on educating children affected by the insurgency in North East Nigeria, and the Women Empowerment Program #empowerher. Our scholarship program serves to reach children in distraught regions whose education has been impeded as a result of disasters, wars, etc. Educational and relief staff/volunteers are assembled and dispatched to the affected region. It is our belief that no child’s education is worth being put on hold for whatever reason, since it follows that their life is also somehow paused and opportunities missed. 

I have personally benefited from the vast abundance of endowments education has accorded me, without which, I cannot possibly envision my evolutionary journey thus far. Education liberates and has become the great equalizer of life, making our Scholarship Program acutely critical. It is an important part of this program, allowing us to provide many children with the magnificent opportunities present in the Technology Industry. The Women Empowerment Program was created to provide a platform for those commonly overlooked in most parts of the world — the female populace. In this arm, multiple programs aim at providing disenfranchised women with the means to acquire financial sustainability and the capacity to contribute to the development of their immediate society. Beyond the skills acquisition and business education, the initial capital and investments are provided to enable authentic, palpable and unbridled progress materialize.

It is my sincere hope that the Aham Rochas Foundation reaches the millions around the world who are candidly in need of its provisions. At the Aham Rochas Foundation, we work to ensure that child education is guaranteed, disenfranchised women are empowered and that peace, kindness and love are disseminated around the world. If we all start with a little kindness, then the world, our home, will be much better for it.

Ahamefula Brendan Rochas
President and Founder