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Our programs

The Aham Rochas Foundation is focused on touching lives through educational interventions for children and creating opportunities for women through entrepreneurship and vocational trainings, with the aim of creating environments that foster peace.

The Foundation Scholarship Fund

The Foundation Scholarship Trust Fund is committed to ensuring financial support is provided for the qualitative and sustainable education of indigent undergraduates students in Nigeria and Africa in order that their full potentials be realized.

The Scholarship fund shall be categorized into two (ARO Africa Sustainable Development Scheme and ARO Educational Support Scholarship Project)


The major aims of the African Youth Society are to broaden the minds of the African youths enabling them to think bigger and greater, provide solutions to the challenges faced by youths and most importantly to give hope and confidence to the young generation of leaders.


The ARO Foundation Emergency Education Program (AROEEP) is a six-month intensive primary education program that ensures that disenfranchised children are provided with free and quality basic education.


The vision of the ARO Climate Club is to promote the knowledge of climate change in the minds of Young Africans. Cite low knowledge climate awareness rate in Africa.

These clubs are to function in secondary and tertiary institutions across Africa.

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